August is a transitional month, at least in Indiana. August marks the end of the summer vacation and the beginning of the new school year. It also marks the end of the on-season (spring/summer) for real estate and the beginning of the off-season (fall/winter). This time of year, the summer surge of potential homebuyers is dying down, and many agents are experiencing a lull. That said, don’t despair. Any change of season offers the perfect opportunity to redouble your marketing efforts and combat the real estate doldrums. Our advice: employ some back to school real estate marketing.

Target Parents

While many families choose to move earlier in the summer, August can be one of the best times to target parents and prospective parents. Both buyers and sellers have school on the mind. Homes in good school districts are an asset in terms of both current home values and long-term appreciation. According to, 60% of buyers say schools affect their decision, and 50% are willing to go over their budget to live in their preferred school district. Good schools will be a priority both for couples planning to have children and families who are unhappy with their current situation. Reaching out to families in lower-performing school districts and enticing them with better schools is an excellent marketing strategy.

Market at Schools

Name recognition can go along way with parents and families. Seek out ways to get your brand into schools. Talk to the front office or the PTA about gifting branded school supplies: pencils, erasers, notebooks, etc. Consider sponsoring an event, sponsoring a team or paying for advertising in the school bulletin. Parents will recognize your name and be more likely to seek you out for real estate opportunities.  

Get Involved with the Community

Contributing to schools in your area helps you to connect with the community of families, and working to improve the schools in your area can only be a real estate asset. Contribute to the PTA with time and/or money. Participate in school fundraising activities such as bake sales and charity drives. Even better, consider sponsoring a back-to-school get together in appreciation of your clients. Such a gathering presents the perfect opportunity to build community and network.

Fall/winter may be the off-season for real estate, but with some aggressive marketing and community-building techniques this could become an incredibly productive time for you. Use the back to school season to your advantage this August, and hopefully you will find many promising prospects.