Your chimney is one of the most vulnerable parts of your Indianapolis home. The siding, brick, and all of the other components of the exterior are protected by the eaves and roofline, while the chimney alone protrudes above the roof and is exposed to every kind of weather—rain and snow, freezing and thawing, and even strong winds, which can all take a toll over time.

Exposure to the elements, heating and cooling, and of course the passage of time can cause damage to even the most solidly built chimney. Water especially is a major culprit of chimney destruction. The natural expansion and contraction caused by water turning into ice and then thawing can crack masonry and cause mortar to deteriorate and fall out. Over time, this allows water to flow down inside the chimney, where it will rust all the metal it meets, compromising its integrity, and can cause other damage to both the interior and exterior of your home.

Eventually, tuckpointing, a specific form of chimney maintenance, becomes necessary. Tuckpointing involves the removal of old, damaged mortar and its replacement with fresh mortar. If this process isn’t completed in time, accumulated wear and tear on your chimney can create the need for a total chimney rebuild.

In the absence of proper preventative maintenance, a chimney’s masonry and mortar can deteriorate to the point where a complete—and costly—reconstruction becomes necessary. This process may involve the construction of scaffolding, demolition and removal of part or all the existing damaged chimney, and reconstruction necessary to ensure the rebuilt chimney meets all required building codes.

Brick + Ember Outfitters can help you guard against an extensive and expensive chimney rebuild process. To do this, we will apply a waterproofing agent that has been specifically developed to preserve and protect chimneys.

Chimney Saver, as this waterproofing material is called, is specially formulated to be vapor permeable—which allows air and moisture to escape from the brick and mortar of your chimney but prevents it from entering. Any water that may have accumulated in the masonry of your chimney can “breathe out,” but the waterproofing agent in Chimney Saver prevents water entry from the outside.

Chimney Saver is some of the best preventative maintenance available for your chimney, and the experts at Brick + Ember Outfitters in Indianapolis, IN would be happy to fill discuss its benefits with you. To schedule an appointment online with one of our experts, click here.