Your Certified Chimney Sweep can check the fireplace flue, and the furnace flue. That is a two for one, and then you are done – do not make this more complicated than it really is – it is not.

Are all chimney sweeps alike? Or do all chimney sweeps accomplish the same thing?

Great question – but no, they differ depending on the needs of your chimney and venting appliances.

There are three ‘levels’ to chimney sweeps:

A Level 1 Inspection is an assessment of the immediately accessible components of the chimney – inside and out. Your Chimney Sweep will address the chimney for structural stability and the connecting components between the furnace to its flue, and the fireplace to its flue. In addition to ensuring the soundness of the accessible components of the chimney, the Chimney Sweep should also be looking to address any creosote, blockages, or any other hazardous concerns prior to advising any burn to take place.

A Level 2 Inspection is required and necessary when any changes are made to the chimney system – we mean any changes – if you are not sure what may constitute as ‘any changes,’ give us a ring. As one may assume, the Level 2 Inspection is a more extensive inspection than that of a Level 1 Inspection – which includes a camera or video scan in addition to the visual inspection performed by the Chimney Sweep. A camera inspection allows your Chimney Sweep to survey and accurately address the flue-system and any related concerns which homeowner (you) would need to know about prior to burning or continuing use.

A Level 3 Inspection, without a doubt, includes the execution of both a Level 1 & 2 inspection, but also requires the removal of components or obstructions which would inhibit the Chimney Sweep from accessing a concerning or problematic area of the chimney. Removal may include, but is not limited to, a rain-cap, an interior wall, other drywall or even dampers. The Level 3 inspection would be performed because your certified Chimney Sweep has reason to believe that there is proper cause for concern.

At Brick + Ember Outfitters, all of our Chimney Sweeps are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, and are readily able to perform any level of sweep necessary, per the needs of your chimney and venting systems, or order to ensure the safety and functionality of those venting systems. 

We believe that educating our homeowners, is empowering our homeowners – equipping them to make informed decisions about who they request for their chimney and masonry needs. Grow some peace of mind, and have your chimney/venting systems checked for safety and functionality.