A Top-Down Burn!

Here is what we know: starting a fire from the bottom of the wood ‘arrangement’ can actually generate a ton of unwanted smoke, and then there is that moment when you realize all of that huffing and puffing is not really encouraging the flame to ignite, and – okay, yep – the fire has gone out.

Why not increase efficiency and reduce the amount of hyperventilating you would otherwise need in order to get the fire started – you know, save your breath.

A top-down burn has been used for centuries, but may a new concept to you so we wanted to give you the run-down.

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Organize your firewood pieces, largest to smallest.
  • Step 2: Place the largest pieces on the bottom of the rack/firebox-floor – the ends of the firewood should run from the front to the back of the firebox (stick your arms straight out in front of you – they should run that direction)
  • Step 3: Continue piling more levels of fire-wood, obviously the size of the firewood needs to be decreasing as you build (5 levels up is plenty – a couple more if your firebox is larger).
  • Step 4: The kindling at the top – the, dryer, more ignitable wood/kindling will be necessary here – you need this wood to get the fire going and to continue to heat and ignite the wood below (the Chimney Safety Institute of America suggests this be wood that can be lit by a single match).
  • Step 5: Get those kindling/small pieces of wood lit, and now you have a top-down burn to enjoy!

The wood used in your fireplace should always be well-seasoned fire wood.

At Brick + Ember Outfitters it is our goal to provide you with a peace of mind when using your chimney’s fireplace. Please adhere to the industry standard of having your chimney (both fireplace, and furnace flues) cleaned and inspected at least once annually. In addition to this, utilizing the top-down burn will improve the efficiency of your burn for the enjoyment and heating of your fireplace.

Haven’t had the chimney cleaned or inspected yet this season? Give us a call (317) 500-1250 or visit us at B+EUTFITTERS.COM