What’s a Fireplace Damper?

For Indianapolis homeowners with a fireplace, it is important to understand the basic components of your fireplace and chimney. Knowing about the different parts of your fireplace will help you better identify and understand the proper operation, maintenance, and repair of your fireplace. One of the most fundamental parts of your fireplace is the fireplace damper. 

If you’ve never heard of one, you may wonder, what’s a fireplace damper?

Read on to learn more about it. 

Fireplace Damper

The fireplace damper is a very simple component of the fireplace. It is a flap inside your chimney flue that you open or close to allow airflow through the chimney or to stop it. The damper can be near the base of your chimney just above the firebox, or it can be near the top of your chimney. When you are using your fireplace, then you open the damper to allow smoke out and proper ventilation. When your fireplace is not in use, then you should close the damper to properly insulate your home. Additionally, you can adjust your damper to control the intensity of your fire because the damper limits the amount of oxygen that can enter the flue. 

They are made from ceramic or metal so that they can withstand the heat of the fire from your fireplace. Depending on which kind you have, there are different methods to open it. 

Fireplace Damper Repair 

Just like the rest of your fireplace, it is subject to damage. Over time, moisture, debris, or animals can damage your chimney interior or your damper. After a lot of use, the damper will eventually display signs of wear. Once your damper is damaged, it cannot do its job properly and will be difficult to control. If you notice that your damper is difficult to control, then it may be time to replace or repair your damper. 

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