Benefits of a Gas Fireplace

Indianapolis homeowners and buyers seek out fireplaces. In recent years, the benefits of a gas fireplace havs taken the front stage and the demand for these types of fireplaces has risen. 

Why the switch from wood-burning to gas fireplaces?

Gas fireplaces offer a number of key advantages that make them an excellent choice for Indianapolis homes. 

Are you considering installing or upgrading your fireplace and not sure whether or not to choose this type of fireplace?

Read on to learn more about the key benefits. 

More Accessible Fuel

Burning wood costs money and time to source. If you live in a heavily treed area, then getting wood may not be an issue. However, for many Indianapolis homeowners, it is a hassle and expense to find the right wood. With a natural gas fireplace, it is easier and less expensive to get the fuel you need.

Economically Friendly 

Gas fireplaces also have a lower impact on the environment because they create fewer emissions than a wood-burning fireplace. As sustainability is a growing concern, a gas fireplace is an eco-friendly alternative to wood-burning fireplaces


A gas fireplace is free of many of the safety concerns of a wood-burning one. It is easier to contain the fire, and it can even operate behind glass to keep kids and pets safe. The lower emissions are also better for your health. 

Easy to Operate

Gas burning fireplaces take the guesswork out of operating your fireplace. You can light your fire with the touch of a button and easily control it. Additionally, you do not need to clean it as often because there won’t be ash buildup. 


In most cases, the installation is incredibly cost-effective. In addition to affordable installation, it will also help you save on your energy bill by providing alternative heat. Unlike logs that burn out, your fireplace offers a consistent heating supply that you can use to stay warm all winter long. In the long run, a gas fireplace is less expensive to run over the year. 

Get Your Custom Gas Fireplace 

Gas fireplaces come in a number of options, so it is easy to find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current fireplace or install a new one, the Chimeny & Masonry Outfitters of Indianapolis can help. We have premier gas fireplace services including custom design and installation, so you can get the gas fireplace of your dreams. To learn more about our gas fireplace services or to schedule your appointment today, contact us HERE