If you own a Indianapolis, IN, home with a chimney, you may know that most chimney care companies recommend having a certified chimney sweep come to your home annually for an inspection and professional cleaning. At Brick + Ember Outfitters (B+E), we concur with this consensus. An annual chimney inspection and sweep will keep your chimney functioning correctly, safely and efficiently. With that said, we wanted to demystify what exactly a chimney sweep does. That way you can understand the importance of having your chimney serviced each year.

Annual Service Should Include an Inspection and a Sweep

When you hire a certified chimney sweep for your Indianapolis home, you should get two things: a professional chimney sweep and a detailed inspection. Different companies have slightly different methods and procedures, but a good chimney sweep will provide both the inspection and cleaning in one appointment and fee.

Even if you only use the chimney and fireplace occasionally, you should have annual service performed. Many chimneys vent other appliances, such as furnaces and stoves. A professional sweep will help keep those vents clear and the appliances functioning safely and efficiently.

How Sweeping a Chimney Works

Cleaning a chimney removes soot and creosote buildup from your home’s chimney. This reduces the risk of a fire developing inside your chimney, which can be disastrous to your home. It will also rid your chimney of any blockages or animals that took residence inside since the last time you used it. A certified chimney sweep will use special tools to remove the unwanted items from your chimney liner, firebox, smoke chamber and damper.

The technician will start with an initial visual assessment to determine how to best perform the service. He or she will also identify the necessary tools and preparation materials. From there, the damper is removed and the entire flue system swept. Once the flue is clear and as clean as possible, the technician will clean the smoke shelf and firebox. Brick + Ember Outfitters uses drop cloths and a dual HEPA filter vacuum to keep the floor and air of your home clean while performing a chimney sweep.

What Will an Inspection Cover?

The initial visual assessment doesn’t count as the inspection. A good chimney sweep in the Indianapolis area will do a thorough inspection that includes the exterior and interior of the chimney. From the outside, the technician will look at the integrity of your chimney structure and make note of any deterioration or damage. When it comes to the interior of your chimney, a camera is used to see all the important details. If any concerns arise, the technician will make note of it and recommend further action if needed.

At B+E, we want every Indianapolis home to have a safe and functional chimney. An annual inspection and chimney sweep will keep your home functioning properly and looking its best. We don’t think this necessary service should break the bank. That’s why we offer an $89 annual inspection and sweep service, which is significantly lower than the average cost. If your home’s chimney is due or overdue for service, call Brick + Ember Outfitters to schedule an appointment today.