A chimney sweep is an annual form of chimney maintenance and prevention that will help keep your chimney is the optimal condition. Chimney sweeps also reduce the risk of a disastrous chimney fire. Hiring a professional like Brick + Ember Outfitters is critical for ensuring a high-quality, effective chimney sweep. However, not all sweeps are created equal. You should be sure to hire an experienced chimney and masonry expert who will perform an exceptional sweep. The highly-trained technicians here at Brick + Ember Outfitters put care into every chimney service including our chimney sweeps. Here is what you can expect from one of our high-quality chimney sweeps. 

Comprehensive Service

A chimney sweep is not just a time to clean your chimney, it is also the best opportunity to assess your chimney and catch any small issues before they become expensive repairs or hazards. As part of our top quality service, we include an assessment, sweep, camera inspection and in-depth consultation. 

Customized Options

We understand that what every chimney needs is different based on its condition. We offer three levels of inspection based on what your chimney needs. Our levels include:

  • Level 1 for chimneys not suspected to have any damage
  • Level 2 for chimneys with suspected damage or chimney in newly purchased homes
  • Level 3 for chimneys with substantial damage

Expert Advice

At B+E, we do more than sweep your chimney. After inspecting and assessing the condition of your chimney, our experienced team offers you a detailed chimney report with recommendations for your chimney.


A high-quality chimney sweep is also marked with professionalism. Our knowledgeable technicians show the utmost respect for you and your home. We take the proper care to ensure our sweeps are done efficiently and never leave a mess. 


A high-quality chimney sweep does not need to break your budget. At Brick + Ember Outfitters we offer the quality you deserve at a price you can afford. Cost does not have to deter you from getting your annual chimney sweep with B+E. Schedule your chimney sweep and camera inspection for only $129. 

A High-Quality Chimney Sweep with B+E

Here at B+E, we are committed to keeping your home healthy through our fireplace, chimney, and masonry services. We guarantee quality with all of our services, including our chimney sweep. We will not only clean your chimney, but we will also thoroughly assess it and provide expert recommendations. Schedule your chimney sweep with Brick + Ember Outfitters today to protect your beautiful Indianapolis home.