Masonry is a beautiful, durable addition to any Indianapolis home. However, harsh winters can be very trying on your masonry. The repetitive freeze-thaw cycles throughout winter can get into the porous material of brick or stone, causing damage. Unfortunately, many masonry repairs can be difficult or ineffective to perform during the frigid winter temperatures. Many people choose to perform any maintenance in the fall or wait until spring to do so. In order to keep your masonry looking and working its best, it is important to understand which masonry maintenance you should perform in the winter. 

Prevention is the Best Option 

Ideally, you should perform masonry maintenance and repairs by the fall, before winter rolls in. Schedule your annual chimney sweep and repair, as well as any other masonry services you need prior to winter to ensure your masonry holds up through the challenging season. With a long list of home maintenance, it is easy to run out of time to address your masonry before winter. While it is best to perform the preventative maintenance and any repairs before winter, there are still things that can be done during winter. 


Masonry Maintenance During Winter 

The frigid winter weather interferes with common masonry repair tools. Masonry repairs should only be done when temperatures are above 40℉. If you need repairs or service during the winter, you can plan around the weather. The experienced masons at Brick + Ember Outfitters can help you determine when it is best to perform winter masonry maintenance. 


When to Get Winter Masonry Repairs 

While it may seem easier to hold off on masonry repairs until spring, doing so can actually be detrimental in some cases. Chimneys are the biggest concern when it comes to masonry repairs. Cracking or crumbling chimneys are a sign you cannot ignore, even in winter. If your chimney is already cracking, allowing it to go through the winter freeze-thaw cycles will only lead to further damage. Chimney repairs should be addressed as soon as possible, even during the winter. 


Masonry repairs do not have to, and shouldn’t, wait until spring. The knowledgeable team at Brick + Ember Outfitters will help work around the Indianapolis winter weather to tackle your masonry repairs this winter. Contact us to get started with winter masonry repairs and keep your chimney working properly all winter long.