The chimney is part of the home that is often forgotten until it comes time to use your fireplace. However, your chimney is an important functional and aesthetic element of your Indianapolis home, so it is vital that you keep it in pristine condition. Without detailed knowledge of masonry, it can be difficult for homeowners to know when their chimney is in desperate need of a rebuild. In this post, we will explain warning signs that your chimney may need a rebuild. 

When To Check Your Chimney 

The harsh Indianapolis winters can take a toll on your chimney. For this reason, Indianapolis homeowners should examine their chimney on at least an annual basis. We recommend that you examine it closely once the weather has warmed up. You can also hire a masonry professional to thoroughly inspect your chimney. 

Damaged Crown

The crown protects the rest of your chimney and keeps out water. Because it is the highest point on your chimney, it is exposed to the most damaging elements. Once your crown is damaged, the damage will only move down your chimney. A damaged crown is a telltale sign that your chimney may require a rebuild. 

Shaling Flue Tiles

Debris at the bottom of your chimney may be flue tiles. Piling flue tiles are a sign that your chimney liners are damaged, which is a frightening fire hazard. Flue tiles shale when water gets into the gap between your flue lining and chimney. 

Deteriorating Bricks 

Damaged bricks are a clear sign of chimney damage. Spalling occurs when water saturates the bricks and then damages them when it freezes. Chipped, crumbling, deteriorating, or popped-out bricks are spalling and must be repaired. 

Other Warning Signs

There are other early warning signs that indicate your chimney may need repair. Having these issues fixed may prevent you from needing a chimney rebuild. Some other warning signs to keep an eye out for include:

  • Missing chimney cap
  • Deteriorating mortar joints
  • Less severe damage to bricks 

Do You Need a Chimney Rebuild?

If you notice any of the signs above, your chimney may need to be replaced or rebuilt. The only way to know for sure is to consult an experienced chimney repair specialist. The dedicated team at the Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis is here to help you with all your chimney needs. Our knowledgeable technicians can clean and inspect your chimney with a chimney sweep and camera inspection, and then provide you with any recommendations for repair. To learn more about our chimney rebuild services, contact us HERE