Can cracked bricks be repaired? The elements of masonry repair. Brick adds a charming element to any Indianapolis home. In older homes, it was used for external walls, but even newer Indianapolis homes may include brick chimneys or other features. There’s no doubt about the beauty of brick, but like any material, it faces wear over time. 

Extreme weather, stress on the wall, and other factors can lead to cracked bricks. Cracked bricks are unsightly, and can lead to further deterioration of your masonry structure. It’s important to address cracked bricks as soon as possible, but the good news is that most can be repaired. 

Repairing Cracked Bricks

Most cracked bricks can be repaired. By patching cracked bricks with new mortar, you can restore the look of your masonry structure. However, you’ll want to use a mortar that matches the color of your bricks so that it’s not noticeable. Repairing cracked bricks is often doable, it just takes some time and planning. 

Steps to Repairing Cracked Bricks 

Here’s the basic process for repairing your cracked bricks:

  • Gather safety supplies. You’ll need safety goggles, work gloves, and a dust mask. 
  • Remove any loose brick pieces. It may be possible to glue on larger pieces, so save them. 
  • Use a chisel and hammer to remove any cracked mortar. Place the chisel end near the center of the damaged mortar, and then tap the other end with the hammer to loosen it. You must remove the old mortar for the new mortar to stick. 
  • Clear our dirt and dust from the cracks using a stiff-bristle brush. 
  • Mix your new mortar. Combine 3 parts of sand with 1 part of mortar. 
  • Combine the sand and water until it’s a runny paste consistency. If the mortar is too thick, slowly add small amounts of water and mix until it reaches that consistency. 
  • Add mortar dye to create a color that is slightly darker than your bricks. If you are also repairing your mortar joints, create a separate mix without dye. 
  • Apply the mortar to the brick cracks using a trowel. Put uncolored mortar into the joints if you have to also repoint some joints. Pack the mortar in tightly and then feather it out to be level with the brick faces. In some cases, you may need a tool to shape the mortar to match the existing joints. 
  • If you had any large brick chips, press them into the mortar to further hide the cracks. 
  • Allow the mortar to set for two hours. To remove excess mortar, press a damp sponge onto the brick surface. 
  • The mortar will need 24-48 hours to fully cure. 

Should I repair my own cracked bricks?

Sometimes, at-home brick repair may be perfectly suitable. If you have very few cracks and the cracks are small, it may be easy enough to repair them at home. However, keep in mind that you’ll need the correct safety equipment, tools, and supplies. If you plan to repair cracked bricks at home, do not skimp on the tools or process. You must dedicate the time and follow the directions to successfully complete the cracked brick repair. 

In some cases, you should consult an expert. Even if you do have minor cracks, time is a factor. When you hire a professional to handle cracked brick repair, you can dedicate your time to other important tasks you have to do. Additionally, an expert can perform the job much quicker than someone who has never done it before. 

If you have extensive cracked bricks and mortar, then it’s also a good idea to leave it to the professionals. DIY cracked brick repair and masonry repair sounds simple in theory, but once you get into the job you will realize that it can be messier, more time-consuming, and more complicated than it sounds. For example, it may sound easy to apply the mortar but it requires a certain technique for a successful application. 

When deciding if you should attempt your own masonry repair, consider the time, expense of tools/equipment, and complexity of the damage. 

The Best Masonry Contractors in Indianapolis 

Masonry repair is a serious process that you want to be done right. Unprofessional masonry repair can provide a temporary fix, but it typically won’t hold up as long as brick repair done by an expert. No matter what kind of masonry damage you notice, the dedicated team at Brick + Ember Outfitters of Indianapolis is here to help. 

Our experienced team will assess the condition of your masonry and determine the best course of action for masonry repair. Whether it’s as simple as cracked brick repair or as extensive as a replacement, you can count on our team to do the job right. To learn more about our masonry repair services or to schedule an appointment, contact Brick + Ember Outfitters today at 317-500-1250 or OFFICE@BRICKANDEMBER.COM